Introductory Information


Welcome to the ENRICH Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Course!

The Course has been developed in the framework of the ENRICH Project and aims at helping teachers of English around the world to develop competences that are necessary for integrating the current role of English as a lingua franca (ELF) in multilingual classrooms.

The Course consists of 30 Sections in total, each of which focuses on a different topic each time. These Sections are grouped into 3 main categories, referring, respectively, to ‘Using English, ‘Teaching English’ and ‘Learning English’. Each Section includes a video lecture, as well as useful Supplementary Materials which facilitate one’s educational experience throughout the Course. Moreover, each Section includes a range of Activities which aim at promoting reflection and critical thinking in relation to one’s teaching experience and the requirements of one’s local context.

The Course has been designed in such a way so as to provide as much flexibility and autonomy as possible to those who wish to engage with it. You may participate in it either on your own, that is, in a self-study mode, or in a group supported by a teacher educator and/or a mentor, regardless of the amount of teaching experience that you may have or the part of the world that you may live in. Finally, you are most welcome to engage with all of the Sections of the Course or those that are more relevant to your own educational needs and priorities, at your own pace and in the order that you find most suitable.

The Course was implemented by the ENRICH Project partners in 2020 with approximately 250 participants from various parts of the world. The videos of all Sections were originally addressed to these participants. At that time, a specially designed Moodle platform was employed, including various Forums and other tools. Moreover, in each Section, one (or more) of the Activities included in it was characterized as “Compulsory”. In the present version of the Course, you can find all of the CPD videos and materials and Activities, while an asterisk (*) is being used next to the Activities which had been characterized as “Compulsory” in case you find this information useful as well.

The whole Course has been estimated to run for a total of 20 weeks. The study load is estimated at roughly 15 hours per week, which makes the total amount of hours devoted to the Course 300. Provided that 1 ECTS (i.e., the European Union’s European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credit equals 25 hours of study, the credits allocated to the Course are 12.

Do not forget to consult the Handbook to English as a Lingua Franca Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms, which constitutes an important companion for all users of the ENRICH CPD Course and, among others, includes indicative responses to the Activities of each Section, as provided by the participants of the Course in 2020. You can download the Handbook here.

We wish you a nice, fruitful and enriching journey throughout the ENRICH CPD Course!



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