2.3 Methods, approaches & beyond

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Welcome to the “Methods, approaches and beyond” Section of the ENRICH CPD Course. This Section focuses on defining, describing and discussing the function and role of methods in English language teaching (ELT). It clarifies the use of specific terms such as method, approach, procedures, techniques, activities and tasks as commonly used in ELT. These terms are being revisited within an ELF aware perspective whereby teachers are “informed practitioners” capable of choosing and adapting a teaching methodology that meets their learners’ needs and takes into account current changes in the global use of English and challenges of an ELF perspective. You are invited to think about yourself as a prior learner and a teacher, about theory vs. practice implications and about choosing and using methods and approaches within new linguistic landscapes and pedagogical approaches. This Section includes four Activities in total.

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Supplementary Materials

Click here to download the Power Point Presentation used in the video.
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Click here to watch the video “Empowering the Language Learner | The New School”
Click here to watch the video “David Crystal - The Biggest Challenges for Teachers”


This Section includes the following Activities:

  • Activity 1.1: Introduction to methods (a)
  • Activity 1.2: Introduction to methods (b)
  • Activity 2: Methods and beyond *
  • Activity 3: Challenges in ELF-aware teaching (a)
  • Activity 4: Challenges in ELF-aware teaching (b)

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