3.1.1 Instructional context

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Welcome to the “Instructional context” Section of the ENRICH CPD Course. This Section takes a closer look at the context of English education. It explores factors that influence teaching and learning in particular classrooms, including: a) the way that ‘English’ is defined in educational policy, b) the international, as well as national and local, community of teachers, c) the school culture and the attitudes and beliefs about English teaching and learning, d) underlying ideas about English and English language learning in teaching materials, and e) the attitudes and beliefs of key stakeholders, such as school administrators, test-makers, policy-makers, teachers and parents. Emphasis is placed on guiding the participants in creating a “map” of the landscape in which they teach English, so as to explore how open their context is to incorporating ELF-aware thinking and teaching. This Section includes one Activity in total.

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Supplementary Materials

Click here to download the Power Point Presentation used in the video.
Click here to download the transcript of the video.
Click here to view and/or download the article “Native-speakerism” by Adrian Holliday.
Click here to listen to an interview with Adrian Holliday on Appropriate Methodology and Social Context.
Click here to watch the video “The Βest English Teachers on YouTube”.


This Section includes the following Activity:

  • Activity 1: ELF awareness in our local contexts *

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Chvala, L. and Surkalovic, D. (2021). Instructional context [Online Lecture]. In N. Sifakis and S. Kordia (Eds.), The ENRICH Continuous Professional Development Course. The ENRICH Project. (http://enrichproject.eu/lessons/177-3-1-1-instructional-context)


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