Tangible outputs of ENRICH on its completion include:

  1. Two Needs Analysis studies investigating: a) the training needs of ELTs with regard to multilingualism, social inclusion, ELF and teaching multilingual classes with young and adolescent learners, including learners from migrant backgrounds, and b) the needs and wants of learners attending such classes, in relation to the content and process of teaching, the ways they currently use English and the ways they might do so in the future.
  2. An open-access and free-of-charge blended learning CPD course for ELTs (O3), based on the priorities and the objectives of ENRICH. This has followed 3 main phases: a) development of CPD materials & activities (based on NA findings and a thorough literature review), b) piloting (by a small number of ELTs), c) implementation. The implementation phase, throughout which the participants have formed physical and virtual, local and transnational, communities of interest and were mentored by ENRICH members of the respective countries, included an awareness-raising stage based on the CPD materials & activities and a practical stage, where they designed and taught original lessons in their classrooms and evaluated the outcome, in relation to their training needs before the CPD course, the knowledge gained throughout it and the needs and wants of their learners.
  3. An open-access and free-of-charge digital and printed Handbook (O4), containing, among others, the CPD materials & activities, good practices from the ELTs’ classrooms, guidelines for teacher educators facilitating the use of the course beyond the partner countries and beyond the lifetime of the project, conclusions specifically addressed at educational decision-makers, annotated further readings and suggestions for improvement.
  4. The website of the project (O2), which hosts all necessary information about it, as well as its tangible outputs, the ICT-based CPD materials & activities and the virtual space for synchronous and asynchronous communication among ELTs’ communities of interest and ENRICH partners.
  5. Project flyers, presentations, publications (e.g. in scientific journals) and other items aiming at disseminating the project (O6), as well as documenting, evaluating and fostering its impact (O5).

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