5. Final Assignment

Review Materials

Welcome to the “Final Assignment” Section of the ENRICH CPD Course. This Section provides a comprehensive description of the Final Assignment of the ENRICH CPD Course, as was administered during the implementation of the Course in 2020, in the framework of the ENRICH Project. It begins with an overview of the content of the Course and then the components of the Final Assignment are described in detail. These are:

1. Designing an ELF-aware lesson plan.
2. Teaching that ELF-aware lesson plan and, ideally, recording it.
3. Evaluating the ELF-aware lesson based on principles discussed in the Sections of the Course.

It should be highlighted as well that, during the implementation of the Course in 2020, a peer-review process was adopted to foster collaboration, peer-learning and reflective dialogue through the exchange of knowledge and experience. The Final Assignment that each participant had developed was forwarded (anonymously) to other participants of the Course, who provided feedback and shared their perspective of it in relation to their own background and teaching context.

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Supplementary Materials

Click here to download the Power Point Presentation used in the video.
Click here to download the transcript of the video.
Click here to download the file “Final Assignment template”.
Click here to download the file “Peer-review template”.


How to cite this section:

Sifakis, N. (2021). Final Assignment [Online Lecture]. In N. Sifakis and S. Kordia (Eds.), The ENRICH Continuous Professional Development Course. The ENRICH Project. (http://enrichproject.eu/lessons/180-5-final-assignment)


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