2.3.1 Employing TBLT

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Welcome to the “Employing Task-based Learning” Section of the ENRICH CPD Course. This Section focuses on Task-based Learning (TBL) as one of the language learning approaches most appropriate in an ELF-aware approach where the focus is on authenticity in language exposure. A detailed introduction to what is commonly understood by the notion of “task”, particularly within the CEFR, is accompanied by the description of Task-based language teaching, its main principles and its advantages. A discussion on Task-based learning within an ELF aware approach concludes this Section. This Section includes four Activities in total.

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Supplementary Materials

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Click here to watch the video “Prof Rod Ellis on Task based Language Learning”
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This Section includes the following Activities:

  • Activity 1: Defining tasks
  • Activity 2: Is this activity a task? Using the 6 criteria
  • Activity 3: Exploring the TBL approach
  • Activity 4: Integrating tasks in an ELF-aware approach *

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Lopriore, L. (2021). Employing Task-based Learning (TBL) [Online Lecture]. In N. Sifakis and S. Kordia (Eds.), The ENRICH Continuous Professional Development Course. The ENRICH Project. (http://enrichproject.eu/lessons/169-2-3-1-employing-tblt)


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