3.1.2 Learners

Review Materials

Welcome to the “Learners” Section of the ENRICH CPD Course. This Section focuses on enhancing your professional knowledge base when it comes to knowing your students both as learners of English inside the classroom and as users of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) outside the classroom. It aims to raise your awareness of central aspects of multilingualism and what it takes to help students develop into competent and confident users of English. This Section includes six Activities in total, two of which involve tasks that need to be carried out in the classroom.

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Supplementary Materials

Click here to download the Power Point Presentation used in the video.
Click here to download the transcript of the video.
Click here to download the file “My language portrait”.
Click here to download the file “Model classroom survey”.


This Section includes the following Activities:

  • Activity 1: What I think about my learners’ practices
  • Activity 2: Using “My language portrait” in my classroom
  • Activity 3: Reflection on the learners’ language portraits
  • Activity 4: The good English learner
  • Activity 5: Using the “Model classroom survey” in my classroom
  • Activity 6: Reflection on the learners’ actual use of English *

Click here to download the Activities in a printable format.

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Flognfeldt, M. E. (2021). Learners [Online Lecture]. In N. Sifakis and S. Kordia (Eds.), The ENRICH Continuous Professional Development Course. The ENRICH Project. (http://enrichproject.eu/lessons/178-3-1-2-learners)


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